Meet the Multilanguage Seminar Instructor- Dr. Adeola Agoke

Dr. Agoke’s passion for language teaching intersects her research interest in language use, sociocultural linguistics, second language acquisition, and pedagogy of African languages. Her passion for African cultural studies and second language acquisition reflects in her teaching and perspective on language use and practice. She believes language is life. Through language, students can connect to different aspects of life and experience diverse cultures and practices especially those that are relevant to their career and lifelong goals.

Dr. Agoke is excited to teach the Intensive Summer Multilanguage Seminar course, because it uses the self-instructional model to provide students the flexibility to structure their language learning to target specific goals they are most enthusiastic about. Through this learning platform, highly motivated students from across diverse disciplines can have insights into theories of second language acquisition and can build on their understanding to learn any language of their choice. Some of these languages are otherwise not taught in the classroom setting.

She is confident that the skill students will acquire through the Multilanguage Seminar class will not only help them make meaningful progress in their language learning but also give them the tools to engage in self-directed learning in the future.