Enrollment & Application

Summer 2023 Applications open November 15th, 2022!

Apply Here

How to Apply:

To apply, submit an online application at the above link.

In the application, you will be asked to submit the following additional application requirements:

  1. Copy of Official or Unofficial Transcripts: You must submit a copy of your most recent academic transcripts. However, those out of school for more than five years are exempt from this requirement. If you will not be submitting a transcript, please state this in your Personal Statement.
  2. Personal Statement:  Please describe in approximately 750 words your reasons for wanting to take part in the UW-Madison Intensive Summer Multilanguage Seminar. Be sure to include how you plan to meet the challenge of an intensive language learning environment, your motivation to learn your selected language, and evidence that you can be successful in this course. If you have already identified learning resources and/or a conversation partner for your language, please describe how you plan to work with those resources.
  3. Two Letters of Recommendation: Applicants must request two references with their application. One of the references should be able to speak to your ability to work independently, even if the letter is not from a language instructor. Letters of recommendation should be sent directly to multilanguage@lpo.wisc.edu.
  4. Application Fee: Pay the nonrefundable $25 application fee via the following link: Multilanguage Seminar Application Fee 

Applicants are encouraged to seek out conversation partners as they apply so that they have identified individuals by the start of the course.



The Intensive Summer Multilanguage Seminar will be offered as an online course. Enrollment is limited, and students are advised to apply as soon as possible to secure a seat. This program may be FLAS-eligible for certain students.

The Intensive Summer Multilanguage Seminar supports students to engage in online, performance-based self-instructional language study of a less commonly taught language (LCTL). The target audience for this program includes:

  1. Students who have achieved such an advanced language proficiency that traditional programs no longer serve their learning needs, or
  2. Students who are studying extremely rare languages that are otherwise not offered in the classroom

This program is intended to complement existing summer language programs; as such, students who are eligible to enroll in a traditional language program are not competitive candidates for the Intensive Summer Multilanguage Seminar.

Interested students should contact the Multilanguage program office (multilanguage@lpo.wisc.edu) as soon as possible to determine their eligibility.

Seeking Application Assistance? Check Out the YouTube Video Below!