Student Information

Prospective students should understand that this is an intensive language program, covering major material within 8 weeks. Much of your “free time” will be spent studying.

In addition, check out the WISLI website for more information regarding general overviews of the Summer Language Institutes.

More information will be updated as the start of the program approaches

Important Logistical Information

Classes will begin on June 17th until August 9th, 2024.

The credit standard for this course is met by an expectation of a total of 360 credit hours (45 hours per credit) over an 8-week period. This time will be spent reading, writing, designing and conducting self-assessments, performance-based language-learning activities, meetings with speakers of the target language, meetings with the instructor, and other student work as described in the syllabus. Beginning and intermediate-level learners are expected to have 140 contact hours with the instructor and/or their language partner; advanced-level learners are expected to have 120. Each student’s individual study plan (ISP) will specify how they will meet those contact hour expectations.

This is an online course, therefore we wish to help support all students with their learning and assist in navigating challenges they may come across. The following links will be helpful in getting the most out of your online Multilanguage experience and improving your learning online.

Online Learning Technology List

Online Language Learning Tips

Zoom Help Center

WISLI Internet Connectivity Support and Best Practices


MyUW is the home of most everything you will need to access for your course while at the Multilanguage Seminar, including:

  • email
  • access to Canvas
  • see your grades
  • set up a calendar

…so much more!

Log in to MyUW

If you have any issues related to MyUW or your email address, including forgetting your NetID and password, please contact the DoIT help desk

Canvas Resources

Canvas is the learning management system at UW-Madison. Here you can access your class information, assignments, Zoom links, etc.

Required Reading:

Textbooks will be available at the University Bookstore, 711 State Street (on Library Mall) and/or online. Information regarding online textbook resources coming soon! Supplemental resources from the UW-Madison Libraries will be accessible for Multilanguage students as well.